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​A Message from Chief Rohwer

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As Chief of the Pleasant View Fire Department, I would like to welcome you. Our department consists of men and women from our community who are willing to answer a variety of calls from EMS, Fire, Hazmat, Traffic Accidents, and anything else that constitutes an emergency.  We answer these calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Our members dedicate themselves to training 50-75 hours per year.  They improve their skills so they can give the best care when it is needed the most and under any kind of pressure. I would like to thank the families of our members whose support is invaluable.  They sacrifice time with their families to train and respond to emergencies.  We strive to have a good relationship with our neighboring fire departments so we can provide mutual aid during the bigger incidents. We are constantly upgrading our equipment and tools so we can deliver the best response. We cannot do this without our Board of Directors and support staff.  They have always been very supportive in making sure we can adequately serve our community.  I would also like to thank our community for supporting us throughout the years.